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STET-2024 International Conference

5th – 6th December 2024

Smart Textiles and Emerging Technologies

Smart Textiles and Emerging Technologies (STET) – 2024 – International conference aims to provide a platform for the exchange between the academic researchers, and industrial experts in the area of smart textile materials and technologies.

Textiles that can think for themselves! This concept is very progressive, and such textiles are a fact technically conceivable today and commercially feasible tomorrow. The technology of “Smart Textiles” is an integration of almost all disciplines of applied sciences like: Textile technology, Textile chemistry, Material science, Cloth manufacturing technology, Structural mechanics, Electronics, Artificial intelligence, Biotechnology. These myriad sciences are blended with one another to produce fashionable textiles which make our lives comfortable and luxurious. SMART TEXTILES, however, are not just restricted to clothing and apparels but extend to many other applications like automobiles, robotics, aircrafts, medicine and surgery etc. The importance of these materials is so profound at some places (e.g. military battlefields) that they virtually act as lifesaving materials.

Welcome are research papers and industrial presentations in the areas of (included but not limited):

• New development in textile fibres
• 2D and 3D fabric structures
• Advancement in knitting, weaving, nonwoven, and braiding technologies
• Protective textiles
• Smart textiles in medical and healthcare industry
• Sports and athletes textiles
• Advancement in body scanning technologies – garment – fit, size
• Electronic textiles – Conductive fibres/fabrics
• Geo, and automotive textiles

• Circular – sustainable textiles – Green materials
• Interactions between the textiles and human body
• Modelling and simulations
• Textiles based sensors
• Shape and stress memory materials
• Packaging textiles
• 3D printing and additive manufacturing
• Testing for smart textiles
• Marketing and competitiveness of smart textiles
• Other related to the smart textiles and technologies topics

Note: Conference language is restricted to English only.

Abstract should be: 250 – 300 words, self-contained, without abbreviations, footnotes, or incomplete references, Times New Roman 12 Font, 1.5 line spacing. Send your abstract to “” or “”.

Selected manuscripts (based on the quality of the paper) from this conference will be published as a STET-2024 conference publication (with ISSN/ISBN number, and with DOI).

*E-Certificate will be issued to all the participants

  • Abstract submission due date

    30 May 2024

  • Confirmation of acceptance

    10 Jun 2024

  • Full paper submission due date

    20 Aug 2024

  • Early Bird Registration

    30 Aug 2024

  • Conference date (Online Only)

    5th – 6th Dec 2024


We welcome academic and industry professionals, research students, and the public to register to attend this two-day, virtual conference which will highlight the advances in smart textile sector through presentations from research experts and change-makers in the industry.

Invited Speaker

Prof. Rabisankar Chattopadhyay, Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi (IIT – D), Delhi, India

Prof. Yordan Kyosev, Institute for Textile Machinery and Textile (ITM), Dresden, Germany

Details coming soon…