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Consulting and custom testing services for the textile industry

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Professionals with ~10 years of research experience, while handling various projects and working with cross-functional teams as well as working independently in textiles / materials / polymers / mechanical laboratories, help you design, develop, and patent new products and technologies. TexMat’s professional members can help you to identify the real problem/s, drive leading edge research by developing experimental design and research techniques, develop test protocols/setups – commission test rigs – calibrate test equipment, conduct the experiments, process – analyse – interpret the data, and write the scientific papers/reports. TexMat’s Innovation As-A-Service model also helps clients that have futuristic ideas but lack the infrastructure and resources to develop innovative products.

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Custom Testing

Does your product have a unique application or is it really different from other products on the market? If the performance of your product cannot be verified and validated using regular test methods, you might want to explore using custom tests. From technical consulting through results interpretation, we help you in determining the right test for your project.

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Reverse Engineering

We are able to conduct reverse engineering to get competitive intelligence. By disassembling the product into their individual components, reverse engineering enables us to examine and comprehend how each product is designed and manufactured. Reverse engineering allows us to efficiently analyze the costs of raw materials, gain insight into how your competitors operate, or validate third-party suppliers.

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